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Connecting with the Community: Catherine Dawson on creating activities for teaching research methods

By Sally Ransom, Marketing Manager, SAGE Publishing The way that reaching methods are taught and engaged with continues to change to account for fluctuating learning environments and classroom numbers, as well as new technology.  As methods continue to evolve, our … Continue reading

Free Webinar: Teaching Statistics to People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics

Teaching Statistics to People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics: Tips for Overcoming Statistics Anxiety Join bestselling author Neil J. Salkind to discuss strategies that you can implement to reduce statistics anxiety in your students. Using his 30+ years of teaching … Continue reading

How psychology instructors can help students become better researchers

An award winner’s top tip Earlier this fall, Anna Schwartz and Lyra Stein were announced as the winners of the 2016 SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award. Organized by SAGE Publishing and The Society for the Teaching of Psychology … Continue reading

“5 Tips for Teaching Introduction to Mass Communication” webinar recording and slides Earlier this month, we held the webinar 5 Tips for Teaching Introduction to Mass Communication: Engaging Students Living in a Media World with author Ralph E. Hanson. Sharing some of his favorite class activities and using social media tools, … Continue reading

How to solve common issues holding manuscripts back- Part 2

By Tiffany Medina, PR Assistant, SAGE Publishing— Follow @_TiffMedina We kicked off Peer Review Week with the first installment in our series on the common statistical and methodological issues editors and reviewers report when reviewing—and in some cases rejecting—manuscripts. Our first … Continue reading

Connection, Collaboration and Community – Reflections from IFLA 2016

The IFLA World Library and Information Congress (IFLA WLIC), a pivotal conference for the library and information services sector, took place once again in August. Having been the publisher of IFLA journal for over ten years, SAGE Publishing are delighted … Continue reading

How to support community engagement through social media: A case study

By Laura Crane,  Social Media Editor at Autism @LauraMayCrane The journal Autism decided to expand and invest in its social media presence in 2011 when I was taken on as Social Media Editor. Our key aim was to use this ever … Continue reading

SAGE’s Reviewer Gateway- supporting reviewers through the peer review process

On the second day of Peer Review Week 2016, we thought it would be a good time to tell you more about SAGE’s Reviewer Gateway, our online portal providing key peer review resources for the research community. Peer review is … Continue reading

How to solve common issues holding manuscripts back- Part 1

By Tiffany Medina, PR Assistant, SAGE Publishing— Follow @_TiffMedina Have you ever been puzzled by reviewers’ and/or editors’ concerns over your article’s methodology or statistical analysis? In honor of Peer Review Week, we’re pleased to announce our new four-part blog series … Continue reading

5 tips for aspiring social media savvy academics

Social media has become a key forum in academia for the sharing of ideas, enabling users to interact instantly, make new connections and forge new research and communication paths around the world. But how can you effectively engage with these … Continue reading

Assessment in the Library: Measuring ROI

Whether dedicating time to organize programs and exhibits or purchasing literature that better serves students and faculty, libraries are constantly investing time, money, and resources. But how can libraries use data to determine their return on these investments and showcase … Continue reading

5 easy ways to improve your article’s visibility and get cited

Amanda Chisholm This post originally appeared on the Politics blog July 2016 So you now have your research published. Congratulations. Yet getting published is only a part of your journey. You now need to start to think about the dissemination … Continue reading

Great Expectations: Student Video on Campus

Video is an increasingly popular educational medium for today’s students both inside the classroom and out. But do instructors and librarians know what students are looking for in educational videos? In this clip, SAGE Publishing’s Senior Field Editor, Elisabeth Leonard, … Continue reading

How are Research Methods Taught?

How can librarians better support faculty who teach research methods? What materials do students look for in their libraries? Sharlene Hesse-Biber, a celebrated research methods author and faculty member at Boston College, sought out the answers to these questions by … Continue reading

Approaching peer review for the first time- 3 tips from an Early Career Researcher

Many of us PhD students will be on the receiving end of a peer review, but it's equally valuable to review articles ourselves. Last year, I received several rounds of helpful reviews on my first journal article and, earlier this year, I had … Continue reading