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Here are the most recent posts for SAGE Insight:

On SAGE Insight: Powerful substances in tiny amounts: An interview study of psychedelic microdosing

To microdose a psychedelic drug means to take a dose small enough to provide no intoxication or significant alteration of consciousness. Microdosing has been growing in popularity and visibility in recent years, and has received substantial media coverage. However, it … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: The relation between social identity and test anxiety in university students

From Health Psychology Open Students have relationships with several social communities, such as friends or university study groups. This membership can be supportive through personal security, intellectual stimulation, and collaborative learning. Social identification has been shown to be a protective … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: What are the potential risk factors for continued opioid use in patients being treated for low back pain?

Article title: Risk Factors for Continued Opioid Use in Conservative Versus Surgical Management of Low Back Pain Originating From the Sacroiliac Joint From Global Spine Journal Lower back pain is the most common reason for opioid prescription in the United … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: How journalists use social media in France and the United States: Analyzing technology use across journalistic fields

From New Media & Society Extant scholarship provides opposing views on how and in what ways journalists use social media across national settings. A first perspective contends that journalists in different countries use social media in roughly similar ways. A … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Democracy and Police Violence

In February of 2015 The Guardian reported that the Chicago police department were using a warehouse known as Homan Square as a black site to detain and interrogate criminal suspects, who have accused the police of torture and cruel treatment … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Isolating the effect of eviction on criminal convictions

Article title: Isolating the effect of eviction on criminal convictions - Results from a Swedish study From Acta Sociologica On an individual level, criminal offending is linked to resource deficiencies. Since evictions tend to affect society’s weakest groups, we would … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Using “Big Data” Versus Alternative Measures of Aggregate Data to Predict the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election

From Psychological Reports The presidential election of Donald Trump took many experts and lay individuals alike by surprise. Post-mortem analyses of the election results have attempted to shed light on the unprecedented victory by relying on a host of individual … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Digitization of the health sector in Pakistan: challenges and opportunities to online health communication

Article title: Digitization of the health sector in Pakistan: challenges and opportunities to online health communication: A case study of MARHAM social and mobile media From DIGITAL HEALTH The role of social and new media in the health sector has … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: How do we make substance abuse treatment for young people more equal?

In a recent study that I published with my colleague Mikael Dahlberg in Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, we found that girls with substance abuse problems appear to have more difficult childhoods and family environments than boys. In addition, … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Is engagement with music associated with higher wellbeing?

Article title: If you’re happy and you know it: Music engagement and subjective wellbeing From Psychology of Music Music is considered to be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying everyday activities, engaging with music is proposed to offer a … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Can media coverage of wildfire disasters influence policy narratives and lead to policy change?

Article title: Local media coverage of wildfire disasters: An analysis of problems and solutions in policy narratives From Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space Many communities face increasing vulnerability to the risks posed by natural hazards, such as floods, … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Do political parties listen to the(ir) public? Public opinion–party linkage on specific policy issues

From Party Politics Political parties are a crucial link between the public and policy outcomes. However, few studies have considered who political parties are responsive to when they take positions on specific policy proposals. In many normative definitions of democratic … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Does race play a role in pulmonary hypertension?

Pulmonary hypertension, or high blood pressure of the arteries in the lungs, is a common condition that affects hundreds of thousands of people. Pulmonary hypertension can be inherited, develop spontaneously, or be associated with another disease such as heart failure. … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Data modeling versus simulation modeling in the big data era: case study of a greenhouse control system

From SIMULATION The SCS Editor's Choice Award 2018 As a means of forecasting for a diversified society, the phrase “big data” has become widespread. The word means data sets with sizes beyond the ability of common software tools to capture, … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: “As We Grow, It Will Become a Priority”: American Mobile Start-Ups’ Privacy Practices

From American Behavioral Scientist Privacy has become a crucial issue of the digital age, with significant social, political, and economic ramifications. A growing body of literature has dedicated to the patterns, causes, and consequences of individuals’ privacy concerns, skills, and … Continue reading