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What is ‘post-truth’ and what can we do about it?

The Oxford Dictionary named ‘post-truth’ as its word of the year in 2016, but what is ‘post-truth’, what can we do about it, and what significance do terms like this and the ever popular emerging ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ … Continue reading

Where is the academic book now?

At the end of January, SAGE Publishing celebrated Academic Book Week, hosting a range of content on SAGE Connection/ Insight that challenged the existing preconceptions about the role, value and modern day use of academic texts. All of this content got … Continue reading

Shortlist for the Duckies 2017 revealed

We’re delighted to share the news that the shortlist for the Duckies 2017, more formally known as the Online Achievement In International Studies (OAIS) Awards, has been announced! Celebrating online achievement in International Studies, the Duckies, sponsored by SAGE Publishing since their … Continue reading

Free webinar- Social Science in the Age of Trump: What We'd Like to See

What will a new president and a newly convened Congress mean for U.S. government funding for social science? What should – or can – researchers, students, teachers and the public do to ensure that social and behavioral science is well … Continue reading

The PSA Awards 2016 highlight an extraordinary year in politics

In the year that proved “voters always have the last word”, last night the Political Studies Association (PSA) honored noteworthy academics, journalists, politicians, political campaigners and policy-makers who have made significant contributions to the conduct and study of politics.  SAGE's President … Continue reading

How can data science be used to solve social science problems?

How can data science be harnessed by social sector organisations to address key problems and unriddle overarching social questions? DataKind UK, an organisation that looks at how data can be used for social change and impact, recently held it’s Autumn … Continue reading

What I learned from attending DataKind UK’s “DataDive” hackathon- a reflection from Ian Mulvany  

By Ian Mulvany, Head of Product Innovation, SAGE Publishing @IanMulvany  Photos © Katie Metzler 2016 A DataDive is a focused hacking weekend that works with a selected non-profit to help them improve their understanding of their own data. Significant effort … Continue reading

Let’s not forget about the role books have to play

By Matthew Waters, Commissioning Editor, SAGE Publishing This piece originally appeared in the SAGE Business and Management catalogue 2016. ‘Publish or perish’ goes the academic cliché dating back to sometime around the Second World War. Today, the pressure placed upon scholars … Continue reading

Truth is in danger reports the 250th issue of the Index on Censorship magazine  

“In many countries around the world, journalists have lost their status as observers and now come under direct attack”, commented the editor Rachael Jolley in the latest issue of the Index on Censorship magazine marking the 250th issue. The issue … Continue reading

6 Ways Libraries are Taking ‘Innovative’ to the Next Level

We are delighted to share with you the six winning photos of the 2016 Charleston Photo Contest! In honor of the conference’s theme, “Roll with the times, or the times roll over you,” we asked this year’s contestants to send … Continue reading

SAGE Publishing wins four 2016 APEX Awards

The Annual Awards for Publication Excellence, APEX Awards, recognize outstanding quality in publishing by professional communicators across a broad range of categories including: graphic design, editorial content, and overall success.  With more than 1,600 entries considered by the prize sponsors, … Continue reading

Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards 2016 – The Winners

This year’s Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards were once again a thought provoking occasion celebrating the remarkable ways in which individuals and organisations are standing up to controls in the fight against censorship around the world. Through the categories … Continue reading

Archived Webinar: US Funding Picture for 2016

Originally published on Social Science Space February 2016. What will the current year mean for social and behavioral science funded by the U.S. government? Given the annual rituals of the past few years, where legislators routinely suggest that social science research … Continue reading

Announcing the 2016 Duckies Finalists

What are the best blogs in International Studies? What have been the best posts of the year? The Duckies, known more formally as OAIS Blogging awards for excellence in International Relations, seek to recognize the impact that the blogging community … Continue reading

New Social Science Bites Podcast: Janet Carsten on the Kinship of Anthropology

The study of kinship, long the bread and butter of the anthropologist, has lost a bit of its centrality in the discipline, in large part, suggests Janet Carsten, because it became dry and fusty and associated mostly with the nuclear … Continue reading