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On SAGE Insight: The “shape” of interaction networks on Twitter

From International Journal of Market Research This paper summarizes learnings gleaned from mapping numerous brand, category, and campaign interaction networks on Twitter. It characterizes the different network “shapes,” or typologies, that emerge from discussions about brands, campaigns, and categories and … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Exploring the Impact of Youth-Produced Images on Family, Community, and Policy

From International Journal of Qualitative Methods How are the images produced by children and young people used in community and policy dialogue? How might this work have an impact on families and those closest to the producers? There is increasing … Continue reading

Digital Innovation in the Library World: An interview with Library Journal’s Mover & Shaker Eric Morgan

What exactly is a Digital Initiatives Librarian? We sat down with Eric Morgan, one of Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers, to learn more about his role at University of Notre Dame. And yes, he is very good at sorting through … Continue reading

Using Librarianship to Share Marginalized Narratives: An interview with Library Journal's Mover & Shaker Chaitra Powell

Chaitra Powell, the African American Collections & Outreach Archivist at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is bringing marginalized narratives to the forefront of conversation. This Library Journal Mover & Shaker helps her community share their stories by integrating … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Pharmacotherapy of type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents: more than insulin?

For pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes, intensified insulin therapy, with either multiple daily injections or insulin pump therapy, is currently the only method of treatment. To optimize this therapy, insulin analogues are fixed parts of all therapy regimens. Analogue … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Sleep and Mood as Drivers of Entrepreneurs’ Innovative Behavior

Article title: Rest, Zest, and My Innovative Best: Sleep and Mood as Drivers of Entrepreneurs’ Innovative Behavior From Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice Innovative behavior, defined as the generation, exploration, championing, and implementation of innovative ideas is at the heart of … Continue reading

Bridging the Librarian and Vendor World: An interview with Library Journal's Mover & Shaker Ann Snoeyenbos

For the second installment in our Library Journal Movers & Shaker video Interviews, we sat down with Ann Snoeyenbos, the International Sales & Special Markets Manager at Project Muse. Though she never planned on joining the vendor world, she has … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: How do Frontex and EU states both exacerbate the migrant crisis and manage it?: Humanitarianism, human rights and security

Article title: Frontex and the convergence of humanitarianism, human rights and security From Security Dialogue In recent years, there has been growing scholarly interest in the connections between humanitarianism and security in EUropean border governance. Drawing on in-depth interviews with … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Prospective Associations Between Play Environments and Pediatric Obesity

From American Journal of Health Promotion Active play has recently caught the attention of public health scholars as a promising strategy for promoting children’s well-being. Children engage in far less active play today than in previous decades. This trend is likely … Continue reading

Sustainability and Librarianship: An Interview with Library Journal's Mover & Shaker Madeleine Charney

Every year, Library Journal recognizes 50 people around the world who are redefining what it means to be a librarian. Known as Movers & Shakers, these individuals fall into one of six categories: Advocates, Change Agents, Community Builders, Digital Developers, … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Revisiting the Jezebel Stereotype: The Impact of Target Race on Sexual Objectification

From Psychology of Women Quarterly   “Black women are regularly depicted in an objectifying and sexualized manner in Western media, oftentimes as Jezebels.  But do Black women experience greater objectification than White women? Using eye-tracking technology, in this article Anderson … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Some spooky reads made available to mark Halloween

This is the time of year to celebrate the wonderfully spooky and strange! To join the festivities SAGE offers free access to some fitting content: Surviving a zombie apocalypse: Leadership configurations in extreme contexts David A Buchanan, Markus Hällgren, DOI: … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: The direct and moderating effects of mass shooting anxiety on political and policy attitudes

In the aftermath of mass shootings in the United States, there is now a well-scripted response: public sadness; fear; anxiety and outrage; calls for prayers; and calls for policy change. Politicians appear to repeat a set of well-known ideological responses--liberals … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Strengthening Manufacturing—How Research Can Inform Public Policy

Article title:  Strengthening Manufacturing—How Research Can Inform Public Policy: An Introduction to the Special Issue From: Economic Development Quarterly The narrative about manufacturing has changed dramatically during the past decade. Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, American manufacturing … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Keepin’ it Real in Central Europe: The DIY Rap Music Careers of Male Hip Hop Artists in Austria

From Cultural Sociology Hip hop arrived in Austria as a cultural commodity in the late 1980s with the promotion of African-American rap artists. Influenced by African-American hip hop and German-language rap, these groups began to professionalize their approach to music-making … Continue reading