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On SAGE Insight: The Violence of Impact: Unpacking Relations Between Gender, Media and Politics

From Political Studies Review Published in Association with Political Studies Association Impact now forms 25% of the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) agenda. Its current definition has been broadly taken to mean a positive interpretation of the role of academia in … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: What Happens When Trained Graduate Student Instructors Switch to an Open Textbook? A Controlled Study of the Impact on Student Learning Outcomes

From Psychology Learning & Teaching Instructors face a dilemma in selecting course textbooks. On one hand, they are important for students' success), and may even influence student learning more than the teaching methods themselves. On the other hand, students across … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Gang glocalization: How the global mediascape creates and shapes local gang realities From Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal This article introduces the concept of ‘gang glocalization’ to capture the processes by which global media myths and … Continue reading

Mozobil: From anti-HIV agent to stem cell mobilizer

How was a stem cell mobilizer, which can be applied in the treatment of diseases such as Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, discovered? The demonstration of the stem cell mobilizing potential of AMD3100 (plerixafor, or Mozobil) was the result of a series of … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Embracing Digitalization: Student Learning and New Technologies

From Journal of Marketing Education Sponsored by the Marketing Educators' Association Digital change is like a fast-moving tsunami, with the digitalization of many business practices creating new relationships between businesses and customers and altering the marketing landscape. Industries and organizations are … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Feminist Political Economy in a Globalized World: African Women Migrants in South Africa and the US

SWS Distinguished Feminist Lecture From Gender and Society Official Publication of Sociologists for Women in Society ‘Migration is one of the most important social phenomena of our times.  In the social science literature, particularly among US-based scholars, African migrant women remain … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Role of Self-efficacy, Optimism and Job Engagement in Positive Change: Evidence from the Middle East

From Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision MakersPublished in Association with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad “When leaders adopt positive practices for change, it has significant outcomes” (POS), which refers to the investigation of positive outcomes, practices, attributes, and changes that occur … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership Among Academic Leaders in Institutions of Higher Learning

From Global Businessm Review The success of any organization, largely, depends on human capabilities and competencies to identify the right objectives and choose the best possible alternative to attain the same. In organizations, the main role of leaders is dynamic … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: College Campus Sexual Assault and Female Students With Disabilities

From Journal of Interpersonal Violence College campus sexual assault is well-documented as a pervasive problem among U.S. colleges and universities, with female college students at the greatest risk. Although high rates of sexual assault affecting college women have been well-documented, … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Prenatal and perinatal risk factors and the clinical implications on autism spectrum disorder

From Autism Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a multi-factorial neurodevelopmental disorder that afflicts approximately 1 in 68 children in the United States and 1 in 100 children in Taiwan.  The development of ASD is associated with a sophisticated collection, both … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Sex-Typed Chores and the City: What Does Urbanicity Have to do with Chores?

From Gender & Society Official Publication of Sociologists for Women in Society ‘Something popped out at us as we were looking through the list of household chores commonly used in studies of gender and time use: Female-Typed Chores:          Cooking    Doing dishes    … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Is blockchain the future of finance in India?

From Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers Published in Association with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Currently, the financial system depends on a number of centralized trusted intermediaries.  Until a decade ago, it was commonly assumed that these central hubs were … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Gangs in School: Exploring the Experiences of Gang-Involved Youth

From Youth Violence and Juvenile JusticePublished in Association with Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Concern regarding the presence of gangs and gang activity in America’s schools is not a new phenomenon. Reports of the existence of gangs in urban schools … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Why do voters choose corrupt politicians?

While in public citizens express their clear rejection of corruption and their intentions not to support corrupt politicians, empirical evidence shows that voters around the world only mildly punish corrupt politicians. From a theoretical point of view it is puzzling … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Research and Evaluation With Community-Based Projects: Approaches, Considerations, and Strategies

From American Journal of EvaluationOfficial Journal of the American Evaluation Association Research and evaluation in community or clinical settings and with community partners is both challenging and rewarding. Community-based research requires aligning the researchers’ needs and questions with the needs and … Continue reading