The essential social science literature review tool is now live!

Guest post by Alicia Warren, Project Manager, Online Products Team


We are happy to announce the commercial launch of SAGE Navigator, a literature search and review tool for the social sciences. This tool is the marriage of the literature review process with a visualization that aids researchers in identifying patterns and gaps in seminal research in a field. It was born from SAGE’s well-established print programme – a 3-8 volume set of the key literature as ascribed by a leader in the field.

Throughout the development process, librarians, professors, scholars and researchers noted that the literature review process was tricky and for those new to a field or researchers entrenched in the details of a field often struggled or postponed the literature review, despite is importance to the research. SAGE Navigator is designed to meet that need by providing three tools to kick start the process, including: an overview of the literature, where the editors have highlighted key strengths and weaknesses, sub-disciplines and gaps in the literature; a concentrated list of recommended literature, broken down editorially by sub-disciplines or schools of thought; and an interactive chronology of research, which maps the literature over time across those categories and allows the user to identify patterns and holes in the research.

Demonstrations and trials will be taking place at the UKSG conference (Bournemouth 8-10 April (SAGE booth at 47/47)), and the Association of College &Research Libraries (ACRL) (Indianapolis from 10-13 April).

Further information on SAGE Navigator can be found here.

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