SAGE welcomes OSTP announcement on Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research

In late February, the White House (through OSTP, the Office of Science and Technology Policy) released its directive on Open Access. We have today issued a statement that welcomes the OSTP Director’s memorandum to Heads of Executive Department and Agencies directing agencies to develop clear and coordinated policies to increase access.

In the statement, Global Publishing Director Ziyad Marar comments:

“SAGE was founded  to support the dissemination of knowledge. We welcome the OSTP’s announcement and their approach of setting out policy objectives but not mandating specific solutions and their recognition that embargo periods will need to be set appropriately for each subject area.

“We also welcome OSTP’s recognition of the value of the services that publishers provide. We stand ready to work with OSTP, agencies, the many societies we publish for and other stakeholders to help create sustainable solutions  that increase access and dissemination while maintaining the many existing valuable attributes of the scholarly communication ecosystem.”

You can find the statement in our press room.

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