News from across the network: here’s what we’re reading this week

Jessica Costello, US PR Team

“The Politics of Attacking Political Science”

“When someone attacks physics, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is there to defend it. But who comes to the defense of political science?”

This article from Pacific Standard calls an important issue to center stage in regards to political science research: Why is it not being used by our politicians? According to the article, political science theories have been tested for years, but for some reason politicians are ignoring studies that could potentially give them more insight.

With research ranging from, the effects of term limits for party leadership, understanding institutions, to political development; politicians could be using this to further improve their strategies.

To read more about the importance of funding for political science research, click here.

“ALA eCourse on eBooks starts on March 4”

No Shelf Required featured this article announcing that ALA’s eCourse on Ebooks started enrollment on March 4. This course is specifically designed to help librarians and professors catch up with the latest features of ebooks. This course will also go over the basics of important information such as lending policies and the changing roles of publishers, distributors and the general community.

If you find yourself wanting to know more information after reading the full article, click here for additional details.

“Guardian University Awards winners”

Check out this recent article from the Guardian of Higher Education to find out which universities won the inaugural Guardian University Awards. The various recipients from across the UK university sector were announced at a formal ceremony at the Senate house in London.

The Guardian University Awards are given to universities for their excellence, creativity and innovation. The awards are based on specific projects, and there are multiple categories that reflect the different departments in each university.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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