News from across the network: here’s what we’re reading this week

 Jessica Costello, US PR Team 

“What Scholarly Publishers Can Lear from Bookish”

This article from Scholarly Kitchen discusses a few tips that publishers can learn from Bookish—an online service for purchasing books. Although the service is somewhat new and still going through growing pains, the design of this service is not to be competitive but to act as an intermediary for all publishers and book sellers.

The main goal of Bookish is to facilitate the sale of books. If a customer would rather purchase from Amazon or other companies, they are encouraged to do so.

How does this relate to publishers? Well, according to the article, rivals and competitors could work together to build common infrastructure.

“The Simple Guide to Academic Podcasting: Know Your Audience and Your Schedule”

A recent article from LSE’s impact of social sciences blog, discusses the rapid success of podcasts and how their use for university brand-building is taking academia to a whole new level. Despite their apparent success, Cheryl Brumley, Digital Editor for the Public Policy Group, claims most academics feel lost when it comes to podcasts.

In this article, Brumley goes through the basic necessities one must know before starting their podcasts. She also provides readers with a helpful “scenario” that can guide beginners by outlining the entire process.

Still interested in learning more? Click here, for more information on the benefits of podcasts in academia.

“iPublishCentral 4.1 Offers Enhanced Features for Reading eBooks on Mobile Devices”

Check out this article form Against the Grain that discusses new and enhanced features for reading eBooks on your mobile devices.

This is great news for publishers as they can now quickly legalize their digital assets by selling eBooks to institutions, retail partners and of course, directly to consumers. How exciting!

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