Another successful turnout for School on Wheel’s 5th annual Fun Run&Walk!

Jessica Costello, U.S PR Team

On October 27, I was delighted to join my coworkers from SAGE at Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA to participate in the 5th annual Fun Run& Walk.  Thanks to the donations from businesses like SAGE, School on Wheels managed to generate over $20,000 which will support the continuing efforts to help homeless children stay in school by providing free tutoring services and school supplies.  An advocate for education, SAGE has been an involved supporter of this event every year both financially and by encouraging SAGE employees and their friends to participate.

Initially, I was a little apprehensive about participating simply because I’ve never been much of a runner. However, after attempting to add running into my daily workout routine for over a month, I thought this event would be the perfect opportunity to put my endurance to the test. The results? Well, let’s just say I won’t be turning in my yoga mat for a fancy pair of running shoes any time soon. Regardless of my failed attempt to overcome my love-hate relationship with running, I did realize one thing: there is nothing like being around a group of people that are gathered together to support a good cause.  With the combination of the beautiful Malibu weather, the high energy level, and a sense of comradery among the SAGE employees and other participants; the act of running suddenly became an enjoyable experience.

Everyone had the option of running alone or in teams, and since Halloween was right around the corner, some of the groups showed up in themed costumes. Did I mention that it was close to 80 degrees that day? Though running in the heat is enough of a challenge, some of my peers at SAGE were going full speed in costume. Hats off to those who did it!

Among the enthusiastic runners were also various supporters scattered throughout the course to cheer everyone on. From Firefighters and military personal, to local business owners and several volunteers from School on Wheels, the cycle of genuine enthusiasm was endless.

There were several elaborate gift baskets that were generously donated by local restaurants and businesses for each of the winners and raffle contestants, along with medals for the top three winners of the race. The Mayor of Malibu, Lou La Monte was the guest of honor at the event and helped draw the race to a close by announcing the winners and handing out all the goodies. The biggest fundraiser prize was given to Team Teachers – They raised $1,400!

Over 200 runners and walkers participated, making it another memorable event for everyone involved.

Click here to learn more about School on Wheels, and to read about how one retired teacher turned a selfless act of tutoring homeless children at a local park, into a successful nonprofit organization that serves all of Southern California.

Also, check out their Facebook page for more awesome pictures and info on future events.

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