Exploring the ties between Sociology and Health: British Sociological Association MedSoc Annual Conference 2012

Emma Milman, Assistant Books Editor

I attended the British Sociological Association MedSoc annual conference this week at the University of Leicester. The conference is an opportunity for academics, researchers, students and practitioners worldwide to come together to explore the nexus between sociology and health.

Cathy Lloyd, Sharon Boden and Sarah Earle, all based in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the Open University, presented a poster on the health services experiences of women with diabetes during pregnancy and childbirth. The poster was based on a project run recently, in which the authors hosted an informal discussion group where women had an opportunity to discuss their own experiences. One of the key findings of the research was that the women involved in the project felt that the medical treatment for diabetes they had received whilst pregnant had dominated their pregnancy. The authors have now submitted a research proposal in order to expand their work in this area.

Diabetes during pregnancy is one of Cathy’s primary research interests and the topic is explored further in Chapter 8 of her recently published SAGE book, Long-Term Conditions: Challenges in Health and Social Care, co-edited with Tom Heller. Chapters are also included on living with disability, HIV and ME. The textbook takes a unique approach, in that it draws on the experiences of people living with these conditions as well as assessing the perspectives of care providers. It is essential reading for students of health and social care.

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