Further expansion into theology and religion: Pacifica and Critical Research on Religion

We’re delighted to announce that we have been selected by the Pacifica Theological Studies Association to publish their prestigious journal Pacifica from February 2013 and are also delighted to announce the launch of Critical Research on Religion (CRR) in April 2013.

As a growing publisher in theology and religious studies, these two journals build on our expanding portfolio in theology and religion, providing an even wider range of research and publication opportunities for our authors.

There is increasingly a greater need for interdisciplinary discussion and platforms to enable discussion on the analysis of religious study both within its own framework and within that of the other social sciences and humanities. Key to our company vision is to support our publishing partners both through the global dissemination of knowledge and education and through the support of emerging and developing research in these fields. Pacifica and CRR provide an active forum for scholarly debate on theology and religion. Pacifica is focused on providing a forum for theologians from Australasia and the West Pacific Basin on Christian theology whilst CRR is focused on developing a critical theoretical framework and its application to research on religion.

We are building a strong programme of journals supporting leading scholars and societies in this field and being selected by the Pacifica Theological Studies Associationto publish their journal highlights the close alignment of our goals and values with our society partners. Moving into 2013 we are increasingly excited about developing these two new journals and to strengthening our engagement with the biblical and theological community, both through journal content and through our active presence at key conferences such as the recent ATLA conference.

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