Are video games the up-and-coming exercise routine for youth and senior citizens?

Jessica Costello, US PR Team

With all the controversy on poor eating habits and exercise rituals across the globe, it’s no surprise scientists are pulling out all the stops to encourage healthier lifestyles. A recent study published in SAGE’s Health Educational & Behavior by Wei Peng, PhD, Julua C. Crouse and Jih-Hsuan Lin, suggests that specially-designed active video games (AVGs) might be the ticket to getting people in the exercise groove.

The researchers measured the effectiveness of AVGs beginning in 2002 using 28 laboratory studies with a sample size of up to 100 participants in each study. With the most recent series of testing’s done in 2011, the positive feedback from users have definitely shown a significant increase.

Although the video games have started creating quite the buzz, researchers noted that they’re not designed to replace good ole’ fashioned exercise.

“All laboratory studies demonstrated that AVGs are capable of providing light-to-moderate intensity.” 

The researchers stated that these types of video games are primarily helpful for two audiences: senior citizens that need to stay active, and kids who engage in little-to-no exercise.

So, though it may be hard to believe, it looks like these video games could actually be the way to promote more exercise for future generations.

We’re not the only ones who see value in this study. Check out the following links and see what some online publications have written:

Want to read the full study yourself? Well you’re in luck because the full article, titled “Using Active Video Games for Physical Activity Promotion: A Systematic Review of the Current State of Research” in the Health Educational &Behavior is available free for a limited time at:

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