Social Work and Social Development Conference, Stockholm, 8th – 12th July

Earlier this month SAGE attended the Joint World Conference of IASSW, ICSW and IFSW on Social Work and Social Development. Thousands of delegates from all over the globe gathered in Stockholm to catch up with international colleagues, exchange ideas and enjoy the beautiful city. Highlights include the reception on 9th July in the City Hall, an incredible building in the heart of Stockholm that hosts the Nobel Prize banquet each year, and an inspiring Eileen Younghusband memorial lecture given by Walter Lorenz at the close of the conference.

Stockholm marked an important moment in the advancement of the Global Agenda, a programme led by the three organisations to concentrate efforts towards positive change in global social justice and fairness for future generations. In consultation with social workers, social work educators and social development practitioners, IASSW, ICSW and IFSW have formed Commitments to Action to support and enable systems and structures that address the root causes of oppression and inequality and to work with all stakeholders on:

  • Promoting social and economic equalities
  • Ensuring the dignity and worth of the person
  • Promoting sustainable communities and environmentally sensitive development
  • Promoting wellbeing through sustainable human relationships

The Global Agenda was presented to the United Nations on World Social Work Day earlier this year.

The Guardian’s Social Care Network blogged live from the conference: visit the hub on their website for full coverage. You can also view videos of the plenary sessions and interviews with speakers here:

SAGE is proud to be working with IASSW, ICSW and IFSW on their official journal, International Social Work. Check out the July issue for a special section on the Global Agenda.

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