Our Mother’s Day Gift to You

In honor of the special day we get to celebrate those wonderful women who were such an important part of our formative years, SAGE Connection is highlighting some interesting studies devoted to motherhood from both medical and social scientific fields. Each of these articles is FREE to everyone and anyone, so go ahead and click away to make your Mother’s Day:

Mothers and Infants

–          Mind-mindedness in adult and adolescent mothers: Relations to maternal sensitivity and infant attachment in International Journal of Behavioral Development by Isabelle Demers, Annie Bernier, George M. Tarabulsy, and Marc A. Provost

Mothers and Daughters

–          Mothers’ and Their Adult Daughters’ Perceptions of Their Relationship in the Journal of Family Issues by Kathryn Bojczyk, Tara Lehan, Lenore McWey, Gail F. Melson, and Debra Kaufman

–          Maternal Navigational Strategies: Examining Mother-Daughter Dyads in Adolescent Families of Color in Journal of Family Nursing by Donna Biederman, Tracy Nichols, and Danielle Durham

Mothers and Sons

–          “Raising Him…to Pull His Own Weight:” Boys’ Household Work in Single-Mother Households in Journal of Family Issues by Clara W. Berridge and Jennifer L. Romich


–          Caught in the middle: Mothers in stepfamilies in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships by Shannon E. Weaver and Marilyn Coleman

Breastfeeding Mothers

–          The Role of Personality and Other Factors in a Mother’s Decision to Initiate Breastfeeding in Journal of Human Lactation by Carol L. Wagner, Mark T. Wagner, Myla Ebeling, Katreia Gleaton Chatman, Millicent Cohen, and Thomas C. Hulsey

–          Breast Milk Expression and Maintenance in Mothers of Very Low Birth Weight Infants: Supports and Barriers in Journal of Human Lactation by Paula Sisk, Sara Quandt, Nikki Parson, and Jenna Tucker

–          Association of Serum Prolactin and Oxytocin with Mailk Production in Mothers of Preterm and Term Infants in Biological Research for Nursing by Pamela D. Hill, Jean C. Aldag, Hakan Demirtas, Villian Naeem, Noah P. Parker, Michal J. Zinaman, and Robert T. Chatterton, Jr.

Mothers in Prison

–          Mothers in Trouble: Coping With Actual or Pending Separation from Children due to Incarceration in The Prison Journal by Katarzyna Celinska and Jane A. Siegel

SAGE wants to wish all of you mothers (and children) out there a very happy Mother’s Day!

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