The 2012 Index on Censorship Awards: heroes of free expression

Index on Censorship this year celebrate their fortieth anniversary. That is forty years of fighting for the right to free expression, both through their magazine which SAGE publishes and through the many campaigns and events they arrange as an organization. At their annual awards on Wednesday, we were honoured to join so many individuals who put themselves and their families at risk by continuing to assert their rights to free expression in the face of opposition. Pictured above is Ali Ferzat, a Syrian cartoonist whose hands were smashed by masked men trying to prevent him from continuing his work. Collecting his award, he said

“When an artist becomes the living conscience of his people, he assumes an immense responsibility: everyone looks up to him. The artist needs to keep a compass in his heart and mind to be faithful to his people’s needs. That compass is the affection people have for the artist and the fact they trust him to deliver their human and national message to the world.”

The awards, for which SAGE were principal sponsors, recognise the arts, journalism, advocacy and innovation. It was a truly inspiring night and we are so very proud to support the work Index do. Find out more about all the winners here.

For the fortieth anniversary, SAGE has opened access to the Index archive for a limited period. You can find out more and read content from this incredible resource here.

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