How Marketers and Authors can Work Together for a Successful Book

By Liz Thornton, SAGE Books Senior Marketing Manager and Jonathon Mason, CQ Press Books Senior Marketing Manager

At SAGE, we are honored to help the notable ideas of our many authors reach an audience.  It is easily the most gratifying thing we do.  Now, great ideas are central to a successful launch, but from a marketing perspective, we feel the best way to help a book find its audience is through partnering with our best resource – you, our authors.

The foundation of that working relationship starts with the AMQ (Author Marketing Questionnaire).  This is where our process starts for understanding our author’s point of view on what makes the book unique in the market, how we will position it, and how to distinguish it from the competitors.  Our experience in these markets, coupled with our author’s passion for the project, allows us to use these AMQs as a springboard to build the strongest marketing copy possible.  Then with the help of editorial, we further refine the messaging and then close the loop with our authors.   This process sets the tone and agenda for so much of the promotion of the book.

But there is so much more to our partnership than just writing copy:

  • Creating a web presence for the book
  • Planning and executing email and direct mail campaigns (postcards, brochures and catalogs)
  • Attending conventions and getting the book in-front of the right audience
  • Equipping our sales team with the tools and training to be outstanding representatives of our author’s work.

So when you receive your questionnaire via e-mail, just think of it as a start to a rewarding partnership!

For more information about publishing with SAGE, visit here for US and here for UK information.

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