Relationship Matters Celebrates 1000 Likes

On February 26th 2012, Relationship Matters, the podcast series for the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships received its 1000th “like” on the Facebook page. Congratulations to Déborah Rupert for being that 1000th person!

Our latest podcast, the 7th in the series, is by Dr Jeff Hall on sense of humour and partner embarrassment for couples in long-term relationships. This is Jeff’s second recording to date and it’s based on a fascinating study. His article can be downloaded for free in Volume 28 Issue 3 of the journal:


The podcast series has covered a wide range of probing topics including cheating and monogamy, deception in online dating (Jeff Hall’s first podcast), links between stress and how we fight in relationships, and on why older people are happier than younger people and what younger people can learn from this. The podcasts are hosted by Dr Bjarne Holmes, Associate Professor and Program Director for Psychology at Champlain College, USA. For more information, and to listen to these free podcasts,  go the Relationship Matters podcast page:

You can find more information at the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships here:

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