SAGE journals go mobile!

This fall, SAGE will begin to roll out mobile-optimized versions of our journals websites. We will be posting recurring announcements throughout this exciting project and we encourage your feedback!

The demand for publications to be easily accessible in the mobile web is heating up across the spectrum of disciplines and researchers. During the two years, SAGE has witnessed skyrocketing numbers of users viewing SAGE Journals Online (SJO) from a variety of handheld devices and smartphones.

Therefore, SAGE’s first priority is to ensure that any device with web access can reach readable, functional sites for all our journals. SJO’s mobile sites – short for mobile-optimized website – is a version of a standard website that is modified to fit the smaller screens of smartphones and other gadgets. These sites provide easy access to those features users demand “on the go,” such as search and seeing the most recent content. While visits to SAGE journal sites from mobile devices will automatically redirect to their mobile versions, all sites will include a “full site” button for those who wish to access the standard websites from their smartphones.

At launch, SAGE’s optimized journal sites will be supported by the top 3 mobile platforms:

  • iOS (Apple): includes iPods and iPhones (iPads easily support the full sites)
  • Android (Google): includes a wide range of devices, including HTC Incredible, Motorola Droid, etc.
  • BlackBerry (RIM): diverse product line, where user experience varies widely based on screen size / resolution

We will start by releasing a handful of test sites in the mobile design and will launch new mobile sites in waves of 50+ at a time in the coming weeks. We look forward to sharing our milestones as we ramp up this project, which we are aiming to complete by the end of 2011. If you have any suggestions for our mobile websites, or are willing to participate in a future usability study of SAGE journals, please contact Lettie Conrad,

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