Working with our local university

  SAGE and Corwin staff recently spent a great day at Californian Lutheran University discussing all  things publishing.  We started the day with a key note talk from one of SAGE’s local authors.  Professor Michalle Mor Barak is at the University of Southern California and has recently      published the second edition of her award winning book Managing Diversity.  She spoke on what    motivated her to write her book and how she managed the writing process.  Then SAGE and Corwin  staff talked about some of the key changes that we are seeing in journal, college textbook and  professional education publishing.

But the fun part of the day for me was a number of small group discussions over lunch which gave  faculty a chance to ask detailed questions on all things publishing.  At our journal table we covered  everything from how do editors decide what to publish and what to reject through to the rise of open access journals.  There is no doubt that there is a lot more skepticism about open access in the social sciences although we were able to report that our open access journal – SAGE Open – had just passed 500 submissions in a little over 7 months.

Overall it was an enjoyable and informative day and something that I am sure that we will be doing more of in the future.

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