Privacy is Dead: Long live Privacy!

SAGE were sponsors at a joint LSE and Index on Censorship event last night to mark the publication of the latest issue of the magazine.

400 plus gather at the LSE in London

The event was a panel discussion entitled “Injunctions are a necessary evil: privacy, free speech and a feral press”, and the panelists were Hugh Tomlinson QC; David Price QC; Max Mosley (former president of Formula One) and Suzanne Moore, columnist for the Guardian.

Searching the hashtag #privacydebate on Twitter will give you a flavour of the wide-ranging issues covered: it was refreshing to have a very open conversation from all panelists, expertly chaired by Index’s Editor, Jo Glanville.

Whilst all agreed that there was a necessity for injunctions, I don’t think there was ever going to be agreement to what extent they should be used or how they should be regulated. The media clearly have a large role to play, as do the public, in determining what is deemed to be ‘in the public interest’, and this is a debate likely to play on for a long time.

To read a detailed summary of the discussions visit the Index website. Audio will also be posted to the LSE website soon.

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