SAGE Executives in the news

It has been an interesting time for the SAGE, for many years a relatively private company, as some of our colleagues have been interviewed by the publishing press in the last month.

Blaise Simqu, SAGE’s CEO has been interviewed by Information Today, Research Information and just this week an article appeared in the Library Journal; see Corner Office.

Rolf Janke, the Publisher of our reference division was also interviewed by Information Today.

And lastly, the MD of our India company, Vivek Mehra was interviewd here in Not Just Publishing (click on the V in the list under the picture for Vivek and his video).

There’s some great topics discussed, but here’s a good quote from Blaise Simqu on how SAGE feels about the impact of electronic formats on publishing that is included in the Information Today piece:

“I don’t think that our mission has changed in the last 30 or 40 years,” says Simqu, but he does see a change in delivery mechanisms. “Our mission has always been to be a provider, a publisher of educational material, primarily for the higher education market,” he says, “but we have expanded beyond that.”

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