SAGE author Eileen Munro discusses child protection issues

SAGE author Eileen Munro appeared on BBC Breakfast news and Radio four programme The Today show yesterday discussing a new report she has chaired on child protection.

Eileen, Reader in Social Policy at the London School of Economics, specialising in child protection, has been leading the review for the government. The final report, “The Munro Review of Child Protection, A child-centred system” has suggested that some central control be removed from social workers to allow them to use their expertise, and for there to be a return to focus on the needs of the child.

From the Department for Education website:

“…local areas should have more freedom to design their own child protection services and that ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ to child protection is preventing local areas from focusing on the needs of the child.”

Both the BBC and Today programme clips are still currently available online, so do take a listen.

Eileen is author of two SAGE titles: Child Protection and Effective Child Protection

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