The future of research communication

As part of SAGE’s donation to Sussex University’s new postgraduate research space, the Sussex library Hive,  Karen Phillips our Editorial Director went along to speak to researchers on the future of research communication:

Sussex and SAGE are looking for ways to support each other’s joint interest in  the future of the social sciences and social research. I was invited to give a talk at the Sussex Research Hive seminars, the first of a series of seminars for the academics and researchers at Sussex university. The seminar focused on the future of research communication, in the context of technological changes and increased pressures on universities to demonstrate the value of their research. I was speaking alongside Jude England, Head of Social Science Collections and Research at the British Library. Not surprisingly, we both had some similar things to say about the impact of the continuing shift towards research content being published, bought  and used online, the growth of user engagement through social media sites and the potential impact of semantic enrichment of content. The event was well attended, and it was interesting to see how positively they responded to SAGE Open and the SAGE social media sites. Here is a link to the presentations (mine and Jude England’s).

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