Charleston Conference – librarians looking optimistically to the future

From Jayne Marks

 The annual Charleston Conference held every year at the beginning of November is an excellent opportunity to get together with librarians to talk about the future of scholarly communication.  This year’s meeting was no different.  Despite the tough year that many librarians have been facing, the atmosphere was one of excitement for the future.  

There were some excellent presentations from leaders in the library community such as Rick Anderson and Joe Esposito who talked about new models of content purchasing.  The overall message was that it was time to move from “just in case” purchasing to article purchasing or patron driven online book buying.  This will prove challenging for both librarians and publishers and we are tracking these developments carefully at SAGE so that we are ready to respond as needed to new market models.  

 Martha Sedgwick had the opportunity to present our new online product – SAGE Research Methods Online  – and we had excellent feedback from the librarians in the audience.  Do go and take a look at it while we are in our open beta phase, we would love to hear what you think of it.   

I was on a panel discussion with colleagues in other publishing houses talking about publishing ethics and we had a lively discussion about the challenges we all face when an author asks us to alter or take down a published paper.  The STM Association is working with partner organizations in the library and author community to develop a best practice guideline document which is probably long over due.  

For those of you who tweet you can get a good sense of the topics covered at the Charleston meeting by searching its #tag – #chsconf10.  

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