Exploring new ways to engage with readers

Christopher Winship, the Editor of Sociological Methods & Research has launched a blog with the aim of engaging with his authors and readers.  Here is an extract from his introductory blog post:

The SMR blog is an online forum for discussion of SMR content. Over the years, I have been frustrated that academic  journals often do not provide an effective venue for scholarly discourse. Journals typically do publish very short comments. Often they will only consider one comment and one reply, ending further discussion.

This blog is an experiment to see if an online discussion can be a successful vehicle for intellectual exchange with respect to one specific journal. My hope is that people’s comments will be constructive and diplomatic. I encourage everyone — faculty, students, and researchers to participate. We would prefer that you register under your actual name, but this is not required.

Citations and abstracts of forthcoming articles will be posted to the blog for comments. We also welcome formal, paper-length comments related to published SMR articles. These will go through peer review. The blog will also be frequently updated  with news items and links of interest to the SMR audience.

It will be fascinating to see if this experiment works and engages the sociological methods community in discussing their published research.  We will ask Dr Winship to report on how it is going in a few months time.  Has anyone else tried this kind of blog?  How did it work?

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