7 Tips for Teaching Study Skills

Catherine Dawson, self-employed researcher and writer, author of 100 Activities for Teaching Research Methods and 100 Activities for Teaching Study Skills.

Study skills are vital for student learning and, ultimately, their success at university and beyond. But how can they be taught effectively and in an engaging manner to ensure that they become part of the student’s skills base?

Taken from her new SAGE book “100 Activities for Teaching Study Skills”, Catherine Dawson shares some practical top tips for lecturers and tutors teaching study skills to help inspire lesson plans.

  • Connect study skills teaching with course content. Enable students to understand the relevance, see connections and progress with their learning through subject teaching.
  • Provide relevant and continuous study skills opportunities. Help students to develop their learning progressively and encourage the development and understanding of study skills, lifelong skills and transferable skills.
  • Spend time when recruiting. Ensure that those students who could benefit most are invited and encouraged to attend, which is of particular importance if you decide to run standalone study skills sessions or workshops.
  • Provide variety in structure and delivery. Maintain motivation and interest:some sessions can be student-centred or student-developed, others tutor-developed or tutor-led.  Students can be placed in the position of educator or given a problem to work through, reflect and act upon, for example.
  • Encourage collaboration, sharing of ideas and learning from experiences. Inspire students to support and encourage each other, build trust and foster cooperation rather than competition.
  • Provide inspiration in feedback and support. Engage, motivate and inspire students and encourage them to provide effective peer support and feedback when working with others.
  • Encourage a deep understanding of the benefits and relevance of learning. Help students to understand why they are learning, reflect on the benefits of learning and make connections between learning and their personal and professional lives.

Interesting in learning more? Check out Catherine’s book 100 Activities for Teaching Study Skills’. A sample activity, ‘Bringing Learning to Life’, is also freely available to access.

Interested in finding out more about Catherine’s books and how she seeks to engage the classroom? You can learn more about her in this in-depth interview about her previous book 100 Activities for Teaching Research Methods.

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