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On SAGE Insight: Democracy and Police Violence

In February of 2015 The Guardian reported that the Chicago police department were using a warehouse known as Homan Square as a black site to detain and interrogate criminal suspects, who have accused the police of torture and cruel treatment … Continue reading

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On SAGE Insight: Revealing the dangers of being a gay activist in one of the most murderous countries in the world: Honduras, 215 LGBT people killed in 7 years

Article title: Rainbow warriors Attacks and killings of LGBT activists in Honduras From Index on Censorship This report exposes how many LGBT activists in Honduras risk torture, prison and assassination. Utilising data collected by on-the-ground NGOs, it delves into some shocking … Continue reading

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Interrogational torture: Effective or purely sadistic?

Interrogational torture: Or how good guys get bad information with ugly methods From Political Research Quarterly  While government officials have argued that “enhanced interrogation techniques” are necessary to protect American citizens, the effectiveness of such techniques has been debated. According … Continue reading

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