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On SAGE Insight: The Violence of Impact: Unpacking Relations Between Gender, Media and Politics

From Political Studies Review Published in Association with Political Studies Association Impact now forms 25% of the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) agenda. Its current definition has been broadly taken to mean a positive interpretation of the role of academia in … Continue reading

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On SAGE Insight: Exploring the Impact of Youth-Produced Images on Family, Community, and Policy

From International Journal of Qualitative Methods How are the images produced by children and young people used in community and policy dialogue? How might this work have an impact on families and those closest to the producers? There is increasing … Continue reading

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Measuring research impact: the promises and limitations

  By Tara Newby, SAGE Publishing How can the impact of an academic article be measured? It seems that everyone wants to find an answer to this question – from the researcher and author teams that create research articles, to … Continue reading

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Equal pay legislation and its impact on the gender pay gap

From International Journal of Discrimination and the Law Historically, women have often been paid less than men for doing the same or equivalent work. A recent report reveals that an average woman working full time from the age of 18 … Continue reading

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