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On SAGE Insight: The Meaning of Ending Life in Prison

Special Section: End of Life in Correctional Settings in France, Switzerland, UK, and the United States From Journal of Correctional Health Care The ending of life in custody should be controversial. Deaths in prison raise issues of accountability, legitimacy, and … Continue reading

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Special Issue: The sociology of hope in contexts of health, medicine and healthcare

Edited by: Alan Petersen and Iain Wilkinson From Health (London) We live in an era saturated with the language and imagery of hope. Patient advocacy groups, welfare groups, and organizations oriented to various humanitarian causes often make direct reference to … Continue reading

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Inducing hope critical for peacemaking in the Middle East

Hope in the Middle East Malleability Beliefs, Hope, and the Willingness to Compromise for Peace From Social Psychological and Personality Science One of the greatest barriers to resolving intractable conflicts is the perception that such conflicts are inherently unchangeable. This … Continue reading

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