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On SAGE Insight: Many Analysts, One Data Set: Making Transparent How Variations in Analytic Choices Affect Results

From Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science Data analysis is sometimes seen as the mechanical, unimaginative process of revealing results from a research study. it is easy to overlook the fact that results may depend on the chosen … Continue reading

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How can data science be used to solve social science problems?

How can data science be harnessed by social sector organisations to address key problems and unriddle overarching social questions? DataKind UK, an organisation that looks at how data can be used for social change and impact, recently held it’s Autumn … Continue reading

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Digital workplaces: Vision and reality

From Business Information Review The last decade has seen some significant changes to the IT landscape. It has been a period where developments in consumer technology have had a major impact on enterprise technology. The most obvious example is mobile technology. However, the … Continue reading

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