On SAGE Insight:  Special issue: Unfolding emergence and re-animating the causal flow

Guest editors: David Jaclin and Philippe Theophanidis

From Social Science Information          

This issue brings together various scholars, with various perspectives to experiment with the very possibility of emergence(s) in research itself. Authors were invited to make sense of the concept for themselves and for their research interests. The objective was to discover how emergence could be uses in their own work.

Each of the seven papers composing this issue reflects on how various understandings of ‘emergence’ impact – even disrupt – central concepts and tropes within the social sciences and humanities.  While offering a vibrant and diverse incursion into current states of social sciences research, every author contributes to this issue an original case study. In doing so, they expose a driving interest not only in change itself, but also in the conditions that allow for change to emerge and in the potentialities activated by such emergences.

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