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Special Double Issue: Humanities and the Liberal University: Calls to Action and Exemplary Essays

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June 2013 was a notable month for Americans devoted to the humanities, marked by the release of two major—and very different—reports. First was ‘The Teaching of the Arts and Humanities at Harvard College: Mapping the Future’. Just a few weeks later, The American Academy of Arts and Sciences published ‘The Heart of the Matter: The Humanities and Social Sciences for a Vibrant, Competitive and Secure Nation,’ which takes as its central task making a case for the crucial importance of the humanities and social sciences to Americans and American. Both work from the premise that the humanities shape our world in fundamental ways.

This special issue brings together leading thinkers to reflect on the prominent Humanists with whom they have worked and who inspired them. These exemplary essays and case studies both resonate with and bear out many of the claims of the Harvard ‘Mapping the Humanities’ report.

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Editorial: Donna Heiland, Mary Taylor Huber, and Martha J Kanter
Calls to action for the Arts and Humanities in the US Arts and Humanities in Higher Education February/April 2014 13: 9-16, doi:10.1177/1474022213513947





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