On SAGE Insight: Have we entered a post-truth era?

Editorial title: Post-truth?

From Social Studies of Science 

Have we entered a post-truth era? Did we turn a corner with the US election, with its steady stream of fake news? Easily debunked but widely circulating conspiracy theories, and outright lies placed front and center? Some might accuse US politics, like most other electoral politics, of having been a post-truth arena for a long time. However, by the rules of the game in democratic contests, politicians generally only bend the truth. When caught lying outright – for example in attempts to escape responsibility for their actions – they provide complex justifications and near-apologies. The Trump campaign abandoned that game, working more in the bombastic modes that Trump had successfully used in reality TV, not a genre noted for its concern with realism.  Read more….

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Sergio Sismondo
Social Studies of Science
2017, Vol. 47(1)
DOI: 10.1177/0306312717692076

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