Climate change: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Special Issue

From Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

This latest issue includes a selection of articles focussing on climate change. The first paper is an interview with Tufts University sophomore Henry Jacqz about the Massachusetts-based group Students for a Just and Stable Future and its efforts to spur action on climate change.  He considers the impact of fossil fuel companies, and examines both the financial case against and the moral case in favor of, divestment.  The interview concludes with a shift to a focus on the positive, recognizing the importance of the small steps that help to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Other articles explore the rising sea level, security threats and possible solutions, the water crisis in Africa and the Middle East, the impact on nuclear power, the role of science in forming policy and conspiracy theories.

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Henry Jacqz: A student of climate change
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists March/April 2015 71: 1-8, first published on February 23, 2015 doi:10.1177/0096340215571896



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