Experts write on the risks of low-level radiation – A year after the Fukushima disaster

Special issue: Low-level radiation risks

From Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 

Each time a release of radioactivity occurs, questions arise and debates unfold on the health risks at low doses—and still, just over a year after the disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, unanswered questions and unsettled debates remain. This special issue examines what is new about the debate over low-dose radiation risk, specifically focusing on areas of agreement and disagreement, including quantitative estimates of cancer risk as radiation dose increases, or what is known as the linear non-threshold theory (LNT). The issue, which includes essays written by the top experts in their fields, does not claim to put the argument to rest—however, it does provide an indispensible update of the existing literature.

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Free access to this introduction
Beyea, J. (2012). Special issue on the risks of exposure to low-level radiation Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 68 (3), 10-12 DOI: 10.1177/0096340212445026

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