On SAGE Insight: Special Issue on Youth and Spatiality

Guest Editors: David Farrugia , Bronwyn Wood , Åsa Bäckström and Tea Torbenfeldt Bengtsson


The agenda promoted in this special issue suggests a shift from youth as an experience of progress through time, to youth as a heterogeneous process that unfolds relationally as part of the material and symbolic production of space. This special issue is published at a time when young people are at the forefront of changes in the social organization of space, and spatiality is beginning to be recognized as foundational to understanding young people’s lives. The relationship between youth and spatiality can be seen in the ways that the global mobility of contemporary capital is reshaping youth.

The articles in the special issue demonstrate the spatial dimensions of youth as manifested in global patterns and interrelations, as well as within the micro spaces and the webs of social relations within which young people form their sense of place, identity and citizenship. It also implies a much closer engagement with space and its intersections with time.

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Youth and Spatiality:Towards Interdisciplinarity in Youth Studies
David Farrugia, Bronwyn E. Wood
First Published July 25, 2017
DOI: 10.1177/1103308817712036



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