On SAGE Insight Special Issue: Reconstituting Race in Youth Studies

Guest editors: Bethan Harries, Sumi Hollingworth and Malcolm James

From Young

There has been a separation between the study of race, racism and youth studies. Other areas of research, including education studies, cultural studies and the sociology of race and ethnicity, have maintained a focus on the subject. Within these fields, researchers have continued to address how race shapes youth cultures and subcultures, how inequalities in education manifest and how race and racism inform urban and youth cultures.

This special issue engages with five main themes: ethnic diversity, racialization, conviviality, intersectionality and youth culture. The issue seeks to address the relative absence of race in youth studies by interrogating theoretical, empirical and methodological understandings of race in relation to youth. In doing so, it hopes, in a small way, to assist in the reconstitution of the study of race in youth studies and demonstrate by example how, and in what ways, race remains a salient and necessary dimension of social and cultural analyses. It is hoped that these can act as bridges and openings to broader debates in related fields.

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Article details
Bethan Harries, Sumi Hollingworth, Malcolm James, and Katrine Fangen
Reconstituting Race in Youth Studies
Young August 2016 24: 177-184, doi:10.1177/1103308816641010



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