Fertility, pregnancy and mothers’ work

Special Issue: Fertility, pregnancy and mothers’ work

From Acta Sociologica

The articles in this special issue are all based on relatively recent empirical evidence. Each investigates an aspect of the interface between contemporary reproduction, ways of life and mothers’ labour force orientation, and each addresses its problems within a small country struggling to remain a generous welfare state. Commitments to work and children compete for an individual’s time and energy, so daily life and even the shaping of a life course, can be understood to involve social processes with trade-offs, sacrifices and victories. Trying to understand the character and outcomes of such processes is the stuff sociology is made of.

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Mastekaasa, A., & Kjolsrod, L. (2013). Fertility, pregnancy and mothers’ work Acta Sociologica, 56 (2), 95-95 DOI: 10.1177/0001699313480726

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