SAGE opens access to articles in celebration of World Social Work Day

World Social Work Day 15th March 2011 focuses on social work contributions to society and is part of an on-going dialogue about how to address challenging social conditions worldwide. The theme this year is “Social Work voices responding to global crisises: Together we develop the  Agenda!“. To celebrate this day SAGE has opened access to some journal articles for a limited period. SAGE is proud to publish a Social Work portfolio that includes the journals International Social Work, Journal of Social Work, and Research on Social Work Practice, plus a comprehensive books programme that spans the diverse field.

Read these articles for free

Title: The problem of contemporary slavery: An international human rights challenge for social work
Authors: David K. Androff
Journal: International Social Work
March 2011 54: 209222, first published on August 17, 2010

Title: Globalization and culturally relevant social work: African perspectives on indigenization
Authors: Morena J. Rankopo and Kwaku Osei-Hwedie
Journal: International Social Work
January 2011 54: 137147, first published on September 7, 2010

Title: Social work as a practice of freedom
Author: Ian Hyslop

Journal: Journal of Social Work
first published on March 2, 2011





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