65,000 SAGE Reviewers on Publons

SAGE is pleased to report that over 65,000 SAGE reviewers are now getting the recognition they deserve for their reviews via Publons.  Reviewers play an integral role in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of research.  This essential hard work can often be hidden, but with Publons it is recognised.  As of 2018, over 800 SAGE journals are integrated with Publons ensuring acknowledgement of their contributions.  Take a look at the infographic, prepared by Publons, to find out more about who our reviewers are. 

SAGE supports authors, editors and reviewers at every stage of the publishing process.  Visit the SAGE Author, Editor and Reviewer Gateways to find out more: https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/resources-journal-authors-and-editors

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