Infographic: Why should I use ORCID?

By Rehannah Karim, Senior Marketing Manager, SAGE Publishing

We live in an increasingly globalized world, with the ability to connect to more and more people every day. In order to avoid confusion it is crucial that researchers are able to unambiguously identify and attribute their work.

To address this  SAGE has been, and continues to be an active and supporting member of ORCID the Open Researcher and Contributor ID. At SAGE we are committed to ethical, transparent and fair peer review and ORCID helps us to provide this for our researchers as well as ensuring they receive full recognition for their work – a priceless commodity in today’s increasingly digital and global research sphere.

ORCID, through its unique identifier, provides researchers with an easy and reliable way to identity their contributions, such as journal articles, books, datasets, media stories, peer review activities and patents. This means that even if researchers share a name, each of their professional activities are distinguishable from the other.

ORCID users also own their record of contributions and control their own privacy settings, including what information is displayed publicly and what is shared only with trusted partners. This allows for a researcher to change jobs, or change their name, without having to worry about their work, as the unique ID moves with them.

Below is a helpful infographic, letting you know why you should use ORCID when publishing.

If you want to find out more about ORCID and SAGE, please visit our website.

Visit the Journal Author Gateway for more resources to support Authors, Editors and Reviewers.

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