5 Things You Can Do To Celebrate International Women in Engineering Day

By Samantha Emily Evans, Marketing Assistant, SAGE Publishing – @AcademicSammy

Tomorrow once again marks International Women in Engineering Day (IWED), an international awareness campaign both celebrating the achievements of female engineers and placing a spotlight on the career opportunities that there are for women in this field.

In aid of this year’s IWED, we’ve collated our top 5 things that our readers can do to get involved:

  1. Watch our Women in Engineering Interview series. We asked three female engineers three questions about their current projects, career highlights, as well as one key thing that they would like people to know about being an engineer.
  2. Read research on our Women and STEM micrositeWe compiled this microsite especially to celebrate INWED 2018 and have brought together relevant resources from a number of our journals.
  3. Attend an IWED event near you. Head to the official IWED webpage to check out the wide range of events taking place globally. Don’t miss the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ ‘Art and Engineering in the Fashion Industry’ – a roundtable Q &A with Nerys Edwards and Elif Ozden-Yenigun, chaired by Dr Jenifer Baxter with the launch of a report on ‘Engineering out Fashion Waste’ on July 4th.
  4. Listen to “Gonna Be An Engineer” by Peggy Seeger. This song released in 1979 captures how far we have come, as well as the continued frustration and challenges that accompany the role of a woman engineer. Encourage young women in your network to pursue engineering or appreciate the women who are already engineers for their hard work.
  5. Tweet, retweet, like, share! Let’s get #INWED18 trending and shine a spotlight on the important contributions of women engineers. If you’re an engineer, post a photo – if you know an engineer, tweet how much their work means to you. Tag @WES1919@SAGEEngineering, and use the official hashtags #INWED18 #RaisingTheBar.

Following the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, who set up SAGE in her 20’s in 1965, our company ethos has always been one of equality, diversity and addressing boundaries – be this through supporting new research areas and author voice, or internally by supporting diversity and equality. In a short video, which can be found on our IWED landing page, our Executive Director Tessa Picknett describes why we are proud to celebrate IWED:

The work they do has profound impact on our society. These women, these engineers, are working to make the world a better place and we at SAGE are honored and privileged to partner with them and provide a home for them as authors and editors.”

Visit our IWED landing page to watch the full video and to find out more about our activities!

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