Why we need to share more case studies of women leaders

Sherylle and Lisa

Continuing our celebration of International Women’s Day, we explored the topic of women and leadership with Drs. Lisa DeFrank-Cole of West Virginia University and Sherylle J. Tan of Claremont McKenna College, who together edited a recently launched teaching case series on the subject for SAGE Business Cases.

Speaking about how the series came to be, Lisa and Sherylle noted the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles and in leadership case studies, factors that make it difficult to get a sense of the differences, similarities, journeys between female and male leaders.

“Having taught and looked for case studies on just pure leadership and particularly about women and leadership, either written by women or scenarios about women, [I found that] there really aren’t a lot of them,” said Lisa. “There’s a dearth of them.”

“I also teach a course on women and leadership and trying to find material to share with our students, especially newer material, is really important and this [case series] provides an opportunity to have that material that students can work with, learn from, and connect with,” said Sherylle.

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