5 Ways to Take Your Entrepreneurship Teaching to the Next Level

Heidi Neck

If you’re going to teach an entrepreneurship class, you probably won’t approach it the same way as you would a normal class. By nature, entrepreneurship requires adaptability and creativity. In the archived webinar below, Dr. Heidi M. Neck, professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College, shares five simple ways to elevate your entrepreneurship teaching.

One of the most interesting takeaways from this webinar is the importance of creating an entrepreneurial culture and learning environment from day one. Neck shares how she sends an open letter to her students days before the start of class to give them a clear understanding of class expectations. She encourages instructors to break the “first-day norms” of teaching like going over the syllabus, doing icebreakers and even ending class early. Instead, she says it’s better to do something unexpected to shake things up and get students into an entrepreneurial mindset. Even your nonverbal behaviors—like confidence and enthusiasm— can set the tone for your class from the beginning and each class thereafter.

Neck’s five tips include:

1.) Communicating with students through an open letter

2.) The importance of day one and the choices you have

3.) How to present challenges rather than textbook chapters

4.) Preparing the room for an entrepreneurial class session

5.) Making your course, in general, more “entrepreneurial”

Learn more about each of these points by watching the full archived webinar above and view the presentation slides below.

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