SAGE author Alexander Haslam wins British Psychological Society’s Presidents’ Award

We are delighted to share the news that Alexander Haslam, co-author of the recently published second edition of Social Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies has been awarded the British Psychological Society’s Presidents’ Award!

Alex has been with the Professor of Psychology at the University of Queensland School since 2012, following positions at the Australian National University and the University of Exeter. His research focuses on the study of group and identity processes in organisational, social, and clinical contexts. He has co-authored five books with SAGE, including the newly published Social Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies.

This text introduces readers to a series of key studies in psychology that have changed the way we think about core topics in the discipline, provoking students to examine the nature of their contributions. One of the chapters, co-authored by Haslam, revisits Milgram’s 1961 ground-breaking experiments which have been fundamental in developing our understanding of a as key area of social psychology: the human capacity for evil. The chapter explains how through these experiments Milgram concluded that:

 “…people pay more attention to the task of carrying out instructions than to the actual consequences of that task. In other words, they are concerned only to follow – not to ask where they are being led.”

Milgram’s experiments are vital for students of psychology, and in celebration of Alex’s honour we have made the chapter ‘Obedience: Revisiting Milgram’s shock experiments’ free to access.

Read this chapter for free here.

Interested in finding out more about Alex Haslam? Read this interview on Social Science Space. 

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