Archived webinar: Increasing the reach and impact of your research with Kudos  

Academia is under pressure in an increasing number of ways, including greater competition for research funding. Yet despite this, more articles than ever are being published, making it even harder to ensure that research is found, read and cited.

We recently ran a webinar with Kudos, a service designed specifically to help researchers maximise the visibility of their work, which we originally partnered with in 2015. Kudos believes that the author’s role in increasing the impact of research is vital, as the author, more than anyone else, is best placed to ensure their research reaches its full potential, and in a recent survey authors who used Kudos saw 23% more downloads to their articles.

The 15 minute webinar explains how Kudos can be used to help you promote your research and talks through their simple three steps for success: explaining your research, sharing across multiple channels, and measuring impact.

Watch the full webinar below:

Last year, SAGE Publishing announced an extended partnership with Kudos to include all content from our 1000+ journals. SAGE began a pilot program with Kudos in 2015 and following the success extended the agreement to two years, enabling all SAGE journal authors to benefit from these extended support services for article visibility and engagement. SAGE has always put its authors and their content first through supporting both dissemination and accessibility, and this partnership with Kudos has further enhanced that mission.

Find out more about Kudos by reading our interview with the Kudos co-founders Charlie Rapple, David Sommer, Melinda Kenneway, along with Ann Lawson, Head of Business Development here, as well as a step-by-step guide to using the service here.

Get started with Kudos here.  

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