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Kicking off Academic Book Week 2017, we’ve delved into SAGE Connection’s archives to abw2take you on a journey of how the academic text has changed since we started SAGE Connection eight years ago. And what changes there have been, from challenging thoughts about their role, to how to write effectively, as well as the challenges of publishing academic titles in a digital world and the opportunities this presents for innovation and creativity.

So are you ready to go back in time and see?

  1. “Battling Bannings- Authors discuss intellectual freedom and the freedom to read” webinar recording with extra Q&A
  2. Let’s not forget about the role books have to play
  3. Advice for would-be textbook authors on approaching a publisher and writing a proposal
  4. Why does the banning of books in our libraries needs to end?
  5. Connecting with the Community: Dr. Richard Gargiulo on writing textbooks
  6. Thinking inside the Box: Tips for Creating Engaging Boxed Features for Textbooks
  7. e-books: playground for publishers or necessary evil?
  8. SAGE’s Interactive eBook: showcasing our contribution to the future of the college text book (or, SAGE Interactive eBooks vs. Gangnam Style)

SAGE Publishing is delighted to be joining in with the celebrations and discussions for Academic Book Week. We’ll be featuring academic book content and comment pieces, across SAGE Connection/ Insight from today until Friday, so keep your eyes peeled!

Make sure to also follow the hashtag #AcBookWeek to keep up with all the activities throughout the week.

Interested in more? Search through SAGE Connection’s archives for more posts.

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