480 unique videos to transform research methods teaching and learning

Methodological innovations continue to reshape the way in which researchers conduct their work. SAGE Publishing aims to be at the very forefront of these changes, providing innovations in both form and content, ensuring that researchers are equipped with the skills they need to succeed as these diverse research fields develop even further.


SAGE Research Methods Video is the our latest development as we work towards this aim, providing tutorials, interviews, video case studies, and mini-documentaries bringing learning to life in a highly visual and interactive way. With originally commissioned material from best-selling SAGE authors, as well as from expert researchers from leading institutions across the world, SAGE Research Methods Video includes 480+ video to support the entire research process.

So how does SAGE Research Methods Video work? How did we create and gather the content and what experts are included? In a recent #twitterview, Bronia Flett, Commissioning Editor in the Research Methods team here at SAGE, answered all these questions and more:

Find out more about SAGE Research Methods Video here.

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