SAGE Publishing sponsors DataKind’s Autumn DataDive

90% of the worlds’ data has been created in the last two years and whilst this ocean of data has potential for social scientists, as of yet, it is not being fully harnessed. This provides great opportunities, but the successful collection and analysis of this data requires new skills, new collaborations, as well as new research methods and computational tools.

DataKind is forging a way through this by looking at how data can be used for social change and impact. This weekend, Saturday Sep 24th and Sunday Sep 25th, DataKind’s DataDive, sponsored by SAGE, is taking place attempting to help two non-profits use data innovation to address the real-word data challenges they are facing.

datakindSo what are DataDives? Perhaps better known as hackathons, DataDives are high energy, marathon-style events where mission-driven organisations work alongside teams of data scientists, developers, and designers using data to gain in depth insight into the communities they serve.

So who is involved?

This weekend’s DataDive is set to be high energy and fast paced as the two organisations WeFarm and One World look to solve their data challenges in 48 hours. WeFarm is aiming to analyse SMS text data in order to reach the 500 million small-scale farmers around the world in a timely and efficient manner, while One World aims to gain insight into citizen generated data at polling stations in West Africa.  Two huge data projects with monumental implications for the communities they serve.

This event is a great chance to practically explore how we can harness and use the vast amounts of data that our now at our fingertips for better social good. This is a very exciting time for SAGE as we work with our partners to better understand the opportunities and innovative ways that we can harness this data to support both social science research and positive impact for change. Find out more about the event here. And to find out more about DataKind, click here.

Keep an eye on SAGE Connection in the following weeks for out interview with DataKind following the event.

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